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Setu Bandhasana

18th April 2010Featured, Images, Lesson PlansOne Comment

There are many variations of the Bridge posture, setu bandhasana. The following series of photos includes an alternate sided bridge warm up, snow angels, a traditional bridge, the wheel, the hammock, and the fish. Normally they are not all performed together, but you can try this back bending series as a vinyasa flow. See even more details in the accompanying Setu Bandhasana PDF. These postures stimulate the thyroid gland and their regular practice may benefit those with hypothyroidism and permit them to decrease their medications. Please confirm with your doctor. For those with nagging back pain, these poses can be very soothing. In general, listen to your body and choose an appropriate level of challenge for yourself. If you have an eye infection, unmedicated high blood pressure, acute back pain, or neck issues; this may not be a beneficial posture series for you. End with a supine hip opener,  then hug your knees to your chest and twist them side to side. Take a moment to belly breathe, and finally melt into sivasana, or relaxation.

Alternate Sided Bridge

Snow Angels

Setu Bandhasana




Belly Breathing


Click on this PDF for more detailed instructions and photos.

Setu Bandhasana Series