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31st October 2011

I have tagged my qigong oriented reflections and lessons. If you type qigong in the search window, they will appear.

When I post about Qigong I am wearing my combined student and teacher hat. I have practiced yoga for over 35 years and taught for over a decade, but my passion for Qigong is only several years old. I have taken a number of workshops and local classes in both qigong and tai chi, but I don’t pretend to be an expert. In the prison and the veteran facilities where I teach, my facilities are not like yoga studios. Sometimes I teach in a classroom with tables and chairs. Often I teach in rooms where the carpet is only marginally clean. Sometimes we have yoga mats, but often we do not, or even if we do, there isn’t enough space to spread them out for each student.

Qigong is ideal in these situations. Breathing, body tapping or self massage, meditation, and even many of the movement forms can be practiced standing or sitting in a chair. The frolics, unless they are walking forms, can be modified slightly to do while sitting. Most of my older students, however, enjoy the balance challenge of the walking forms and have seen themselves improve. The movements are slow and deliberate, and a chair is always available to grab for support. My classes have evolved into qigong based classes, supported by a Kripalu yoga class structure and permissive style, with yoga techniques woven in at will.