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Golf School

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Beach Yoga featured post

Beach Yoga

I have returned from a whirlwind tour of Indochina. Amidst the noise of ...

Beach Yoga

20th February 2012Featured, Lesson PlansNo Comments

I have returned from a whirlwind tour of Indochina. Amidst the noise of motor bikes and the visions of merchant stalls and gaudy temples, there were moments of peace. We stayed two nights in an idyllic hotel on the beach near Hoi An, Vietnam. Standing on the soft sand, sinking deeper with each lap of the waves, I tried to memorize the feeling to help me visualize sinking into the earth in my Yoga and Qigong postures. Later, in the pool, I stood with my arms outstretched. Again I was trying to soak up the sensations of allowing my arms to relax and float on the water. These are watery images that I have been using in my classes, but reinforcing them with the actual experience felt profound.

Hatha Yoga’s name combines the brilliance of the sun, Ha, with the reflection of the moon, Tha. These opposites suggests the opposites of all energies: male, female; hot, cold; stiff, supple; and so forth. As the moon influences the movement of the tides, I have chosen to focus on the strength of the sun and the movement of water in my latest lesson plan. Solar postures inspire confidence, while the water element encourages us to move with grace and acceptance in the moment.

Click on  Hatha Yoga – Sun & Water for a PDF of a beach inspired yoga flow.